Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Do We Know

I was thinking about this today and at random think about this.

You know how when people die and it's a couple. Most of the time people say that they are in a better place and now they are together. But how do we know this for sure. For instance I am thinking about two people in general withot mentioning names..

Husband- He loved his wife, but he wasn't a man of God and I don't beleive he was ever baptised. He never really proclaimed that Jesus was his Lord and Savior. He was a good man, but being good doesn't get you to heaven.

Wife- I know she was a good women, but also a woman of God. She was a praying person and a forgiving person and loved God with all her heart.

When they died, many would say that they are no longer suffering and are together in eternity. But when I think about that, I think about how misguided that is. If a person isn't saved and know Jesus Christ, there is no life together in heaven. Which is sad when you think about it. When it is someone you love, you want them to be there with you and you don't want them to be eternally seperated from God. What a horrible thought that is to me and should be to anyone...

Then there is this other lady that I knew. She died, and was very much into the new age thing. She knew Jesus as a great teacher, but that is about it. Sometimes being too educated doesn't make you smart and it doesn't save you. I dedicated a church hymnal to her, and when I open hers up. I can't help but wonder where her heart really was before she died and where she is spending eternity.

Everytime I hear someone say they are in a better place, I always wonder if they are in denial about the person or what. Only by the grace of God can a person be together in heaven. But this is my thought for the day and night as we go into Sunday and talking about the End of Days... Hmmm, what a coincidence, or is it?

One other thought, or maybe it is a desire... I wonder if my dogs are going to be in heaven. I hope so. I am looking forward to seeing my Brandie Muffins

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