Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Getting All Pretty

It is nice walking out my front door and seeing all the pretty flowers in the pots where they should be... Grass is growing, although some weeds made thier way to my yard... The pond is looking great also... Thanks to Scott and Jenn who come out each week to help with the yard and Scott just does what needs to be done... Wow, I think they need to clone him. He doesn't argue, he just pitches in and helps out... Thanks guys if you read this... I will post some pics when it is daylight... Right now it is going onto midnight, so I think I will leave that for tomorrow...

Tommorrow we are gonna see how it goes playing Scrabble at Carlitos... If you liked Ernestos, you will love Carlitos, they are the same people that ran Ernestos, but moved over to the Albertsons Plaza... If you had a favorite number for your favorite dish. You better go check the numbers. Mine changed to the #5. That would be Chicken Tamale, Beef Enchilada, Beans and Rice... Can't go wrong there.. Ohhhh and they give you warm chips and salsa to boot... If you go there, tell Angie hi, she loves it when you come in and play Chess for hours on end, lol. If you read this Angie, I am sure you will love that comment :)


JenJen said...

You know that Scott loves to help and you always make us feel welcome. Granted we rather be there than home cause it is cooler but we can survive day to day until we can get back up there.

Sandie said...

I know I love it when he helps out, lol.. You guys are family, so you know you are always welcome up here... Your too funny

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