Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Topic- Religion and Politics

Eeegads, what a combination of thoughts this is, lol... hence the name of Ramblings.

1. Religion- I wonder if it is so bad to be a bit ticked off at God not taking care of certain situations or allowing them to happen... Is it really wrong to question His reasoning's or not? I don't think so! I think as long as you are respectful than that should be OK... Also, I think it should be all people's goals to not be so comfortable living in the world, but looking forward to a better place where love and such exists and not 108 degree temperatures... Well, most of you all know that I love and trust God and have faith in Him and in Christ... But there are days when I wonder "WHAT IS UP"... SO I would like to have a little one on one discussion with him about these issues... I guess I should watch what I ask for.... But EeeeeeGADs

2. Politics- I just don't get the whole political system. I am a registered Democrat, but for the most part I vote for the individual not the party. But here in Utah when you might like someone from say the republican party or independent, whoever that may be... You are given the ticket for your own party. So since I live in a mostly Republican state, does it really do any good to vote if you aren't Republican. I go out and vote and do my duty, but does it really matter anymore? I don't think it really does since it doesn't go by the popular vote.

So these are my thoughts as of this minute... Not sure it really matters of not, but what the hay...

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