Sunday, July 25, 2010

Refrigerator Nastiness

I am sure that almost everyone has seen the nasty things that come out of refrigerators... Mine is no exception... I asked my daughter Jessica to clean it out so that when I go shopping tommorrow I might be able to put the food in there... One problem, or atleast my husband see's it as a problem or reason for not cleaning it out... He says there is no room in the garbage can and the garbage comes tommorrow. So he wants the nastiness to stay in the refrigerator till tommorrow and then clean it out and let the garbage sit in 110 degree weather all week long and only God knows what will grow in there in that week. So not sure what logic there is to this, but it ticks me off big time... So now there is a bag of garbage sitting on my counter and I am sure it will be there all night long since obviously Chuck says there is no room in the garbage when I am sure alot of his reason for not making room is because he is watching a show and doesn't want to get up to make the room... So now I am ticked off and not very happy about it...

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