Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sometimes You Just Can't Help It...

It seems like when things happen, they happen all at the same time... Summer is here and I am so NOT impressed with that... I don't like the heat at all and during the summers is when I think St. George is like a prewarning of hell. Fire season is here now, you can see the snakes and yucky creatures coming out of thier dwellings. it's way hot... And I am sure hell is going to be alot hotter than here and have alot nastier creatures than we have ever seen or imagined. Don't get me wrong. St. George is very pretty. That is the illusion to suck you in, lol. In reality St. George is a pretty nice place other than the summer months.

My poor sister Denise has been cleaning out the basement and we are on the lookout for drywall... So if anyone has any, send some my way. She is planning on staying down there... Let me tell you that there is creepy crawly things that can come out of a basement and I am sure they are down in mine.

On another note: Jj has not been feeling good. He has a tummy bug for a couple of days now... It is almost 1am and he is still awake and in the bathtube getting vomit cleaned off of him... Not a good thing at all. I am thinking since it is 1 am, I need to be in bed... Now, JJ is out of the bathtube and sitting on my lap wanting to listen to Jesus Loves Me on Youtube... Guess who wins out as I close todays blog... You got that right.... JJ

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JenJen said...

JJ is still sick? poor baby i hope he feels better when you guys drive to vegas.