Friday, July 16, 2010

Cell Phones and Frangrance Sprays DO NOT MATCH

Hmmm, this week has not been a good one at all... If you use frangrance sprays, DO NOT... I mean DOOOOOOO NOTTTT let it get into contact with your cell phone.

I was coming out of the Hope Chest and as I got out and was about to use my phone, I noticed that pieces of it was coming off in my hands. It was desinergrating before my eyes... Ok, this is not a happy moment in my life at all... I use my phone for everything, all my contacts are in there... Women out there understand the need for this wonderful device.

I had to take the phone apart in hopes that if I was fast with cleaning off the battery and faceplate that all would be fine and dandy. That is not the case in this matter. It kept falling apart, and today, the sides start to come apart, not even a rubber band was going to keep it going. The button for the walkie talking feel off in my hands, and it was just not a good moment in my day at all.

Solution: The solution is not a good one... I have to go to radio Shack and fork out another 80.00 for a new phone... And hope that I can find my numbers...The other solution is to keep any room spray out of the hands of those who use my phone, myself included. I am wondering if I should get a phone that won't melt so fast by a room spray.... My question is " Is it the phones fault or the Spray?" Im not sure... but like I said, not a happy camper here.


Christy said...

If you've got Verizon, they have a backup program that will automatically sync your phone to the web and when something like this happens, you can get all your numbers back instantly. If not, you can also sync your phone to your Google account and that will backup your contacts and calendar. I use both backups plus have a backup on my computer (I've got a Blackberry) for "just in case" (which has happened).

JenJen said...

I agree with Christy. Go to Verizon and get their phones. Plus better service at your house