Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Homeless and Foreclosures

After reading an article on yahoo about foreclosures and houses sitting empty, it just gets me to wondering what is wrong with people helping others. 

Quoted from Yahoo- RealtyTrac recently reported that more than 1 million homes were foreclosed upon in 2010. Since jobless rates may never recover, there is little reason to hope that the populations in these areas will ever rebound. Some homes will be torn down in these pockets of high foreclosures in the hopes that reducing supplies will boost prices. 

My thought about this is that there are so many homes sitting there empty and the homeless are in need of a place to live. I would think that there would be some kind of a plan to help people find a home and pay rent at a charge that can be affordable rather than having the homes set empty and susceptible to vandals and such... Or maybe even do something like a lease purchase... 

Then there is the subject of unemployment! How can people afford to keep their homes if they can't even find a job. It would be great to see something happen where people will start taking care of each other instead of seeing who can outdo one another. If people don't have jobs and homes are available to live in for a lower cost of rent, then why not help each other. I am sure every one would benefit from this type of deal. There are many families out there that just need a helping hand, not a hand out.  Even if it was a short term solution. So instead of tearing down a perfectly good and new home, why not put it to good use and help someone who needs a helping hand.  

Now I wouldn't say that everyone would be able to do this because you will always have someone that will not take care of the property, but do screening and whatever needs to be done. I just think its horrible that homes are brand new, never lived in and being torn down to help increase the cost of other homes that will need to be rebuilt in the area. Maybe that sounds too simple or something, not sure. But my goodness, what a waste when there are people in need. 

One thing I am going to add to this is on the unemployment issue... It's pretty sad that people in our country are in need of jobs and yet jobs are being sent overseas. There was a company just the other day that let go of 800 employees and moved their operations to China... 

This is an example of some of the companies that outsource to countries such as China, Russia, India and other countries...  A few companies that outsource are IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Prudential, Hewlett Packard, ATT Wireless, TransUnion, First Consulting Group (FCG), Dell Computer Support, Bell South, EDS, GE Capital, GE, IBM, Qwest and Rand McNally.

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There are alot of reasons why a person has lost their home or job... Some for no reason at all, mismanagement of funds or whatever... But that doesn't mean that they don't count and shouldn't receive help of some kind...

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