Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Women are Always Right and Men are Never Wrong

 The other day my daughter Jessica, Lynda and myself were at our church registering ladies for the Women of Faith Conference that will be in Las Vegas in April.   

We are giving away free gifts for the ladies that register and pay on the day of registration. This book was one of the books in the box of gifts. Of course with the title I had to open it up... And of course I am always right, lol. I opened up the book and was reading on the subject of "Men don't ask for directions". I thought, yep, that's how it is... His wife was talking about how they were getting ready to go out to the lake with the family and it should have been a pretty basic trip since it was only a hour drive to get there. Obviously there was more to this story if it has a chapter all to itself. 

He found his way onto the freeway without getting lost. Then he got cut off by a truck driver. Now I may have to take the side of the truck driver since I am married to one, lol... But this is their story :).He is cut off and he is making all kind of gestures and feeling the road-rage a bit... His wife is obviously mad at him because the kids are in the car, and they missed their exit, and end up totally lost. She knows this, but he is not willing to admit that just yet... I guess he is on a scenic tour or something, lol... Just as the couple calms down, the kids are screaming in the back seat and not wanting to share a video game. He yells at the kids and tells them if they don't knock it off he will pull off the road... Hmmm I told my kids that all the time and now my grandson. 

I found this humorous because I can feel for her totally... My husband has a way of taking what I will call short cuts, lol. Short cuts that end up taking hours longer... My mother in law and I would laugh about that. Since my husband is a truck driver he claims also that everyone cuts him off, but then when he is in the van or car he is cutting off people and still have some colorful things to say about the other driver that was in the wrong, although I seen what happened... But it didn't happen that way for him, , lol... I so want to correct him on his way of thinking and I often do that... I'm sure he loves that. 

Chuck would be telling me that I caught him off guard and that's why he wasn't paying attention... There are alot of these kinds of stories in this book and after reading some of them, I can see Chuck and myself in alot of these discussions and it makes ya chuckle when you think of how married couples are. I guess the purpose of this book is to find common ground between a husband, wife, life in general, kids, finances and yada yada yada... The way I sum it all up is that I am always RIGHT and He is NEVER, lol... But if you get a chance to pic this book up, you should... It is very funny whether you are a women or man :) 

If you decide to read this, read the chapter on Just a Minute,lol 

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