Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am just doing a short message for today... Was a long night last night and very tired so going to sleep most of the day, night and day if that makes sense... House is quiet, which is good... Chuck finally got my computer working online, but had to get a new router... So this is nice... I have been having to use my old computer or Chucks laptop because our old router wouldn't work with my computer... So I am happy about that... Thanks for getting it to work Chuck... Also if anyone has had strange calls today and I forget about the conversation, please ignore... I took some of my medicines last nigth and today and I have issues with them when I take too high of a dosage... But all is well in Sandie land... Have a good night... Humor me if you get a call from me and I ask if I called or you called... My brain is underworking today... Thanks for your patience... Now I am going to go to bed and see if my Baclofen works and get some more sleep...

P.S. I am thinking  I need to take Rhondas advice and write down what medicines I take... Not good to take extra or not enough... Now I just have to remember this... Good thing for me writing it here to remind me :) Thanks for the suggestion Rhonda... It's a good thing for spell correct too and for correcting my sentences... You all would never be able to understand me at all...  So now time to sleep and breath :) Good Night World... Checking out now!

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Anonymous said...

Sandie, this is Laura. If you are coming into town tomorrow, you should call a friend and go out.I work tonight, otherwise we could go out. You had me worried last night and now. You should listen to your friend Rhonda and write down what you take. Some of the medicines you take can be dangerous if not taken, if you miss a dose or take too many. Go out to your favorite place to eat, even if it is to get a drink and visit. Call me or someone else when you can. Don't shut us out and it's good that Chuck got your computer going. Now you can use your own computer to get on the internet. BTW, I can go with you to your church if you want me to on Easter Sunday, think about it and answer me later.