Thursday, May 19, 2011

Songs I Grew Up With...

I was thinking about this the other night and how old I feel when I think of the songs I listened to growing up compared to the songs that are played now on the radio... And I am sure this generation will look back in 30 years and laugh at what they listened too... I am going to put some of my favorite songs from youtube on here and if you want to watch the video's you can... I am sure they will date me... So shhhhhhhhhhh... Tomorrow will be shows I grew up with... That will be interesting and everyone will go... What in the world is that show? lol If you listen to the songs, I would recommend turning off the one you listened to first, because they will play over each other if you don't stop or pause the previous one or let the one you selected to complete...

                                      Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks

                                 Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum

                                 SATURDAY Night by the Bay City Rollers

Shawn Cassidy Doo Ron Ron

Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel

I Just Want to be your Everything by Andy Gibb

I was Made for Dancing by Leif Garret

Light up my Life by Debbie Boone

Billy Don't be a Hero by Bo Donaldson

Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills

Olivia Newton John with Andy Gibb and the Beach Boys...
How can you go wrong there?


JenJen said...

music box dancer is mt favorite.

Sandie said...

the first time I listened to this was at church... And I have loved it ever since..