Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chicken or the Egg?

Our First Egg
You know how the saying goes "What comes first the chicken or the egg?" Well, at my house it was the chickens... It took 5  months for the first egg to come... But we have now gotten two eggs out of the 28 or so chickens we bought in march... So far they are not keeping up their end of the bargain... The kinds of chickens we got are the Rhode Island Reds, Red Leghorns, White Leghorns, Plymouth Rocks and Brahma's... We are hoping in the next few weeks to have enough eggs to make a dozen... Shoot we may even have enough for a bakers dozen soon... As soon as they lay more eggs, we will be selling them for $2.00 a dozen (White Eggs) and $2.50 for the brown eggs... 

I was looking online and came across this and it said what I was thinking about the Chicken and the Egg... These are some of the comments others have made about the Chicken and The Egg Debate... 

                                                       The Chicken!
    Our Baby Chicks When we first got them... 

    Our Chickens Now 
    • Using literature, the chicken comes first.
    • Using grammar, "the chicken" comes first in the sentence (They come before the words, "the egg.")
    • In a dictionary, the word "chicken" comes before "egg."
    • The answer is the chicken: God created all the animals and not all the eggs. It's easy because for those that believe in Him God made animals not eggs. The chicken because God wouldn't just put a egg on the earth and even if he did nothing would warm the egg for it to hatch.
    • The chicken... it had to be. Creatures in the sea evolved and they didn't evolve into eggs now, did they?
    • The chicken. It has to be around to lay the egg. 
    • In the seven days that God created the earth, it makes no mention of animals' eggs. Thus, the chicken came first.
    • I say that the chicken came first because the chicken was made before the egg because God made all the animals first and birds and etc..... so the chicken came first before the egg, the eggs came when a male (rooster) and a female chicken repopulate with each other.
    • The chicken came first because, if the chicken didn't come first, there would be no egg or care for it. So, God had to make the chicken first.  
    • If you are an evolutionist, you probably think that the chicken evolved from a dinosaur or something. But the chicken came first; if you think about it, how was the chicken alive before the egg.   
    Our Brahma 

    Closing Thought: I think it was the chicken... I don't believe in evolution and all that garbage... God created the animals and that would include the chicken... I do wonder what the first chicken looked like though... There is nothing in the Bible that says that there were all these eggs laying all over the new world waiting to be hatched...  

    For those of you who want to read more about this you can go to Evidence for Creation... This is what Researchers from London  have said...  This information can be found on NY Daily News... If your an evolutionist, it's a bunch of hogwash and not posting that stuff on my blog... 

    Creation is described in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 as occurring in six "days" 

    • Day 1: Heaven and Earth Created 
    • Day 2: Day and Night Created.
    • Day 3: Sun, Moon and Stars Created
    • Day 4: Plant Life Created
    • Day 5: Birds and Fish Created
    • Day 6: Mammals, Man and Women created
    • Day 7: God rested. 
    This is a cool video about the Creation of the Heaven and the Earth

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