Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stupid NBA Lockout!

I'm very much not impressed at this moment... This is what yahoo had to say... NBA commissioner David Stern canceled games through Nov. 30, though it was unlikely those games would have been played anyway. The impasse came just one day after both sides expressed optimism they were close to an agreement that could save the league’s 2011-12 season.

My thoughts on this is that I'm not getting to watch the Phoenix Suns sweep the courts with the Lakers or the Spurs... I wish they would start acting professional and get over whatever their disputes are and play basketball... At the rate they are going, I will have to wait till next year for my team to play and who knows... I could be dead and gone and the world could end by then... Alot can happen by then and they are ruining my basketball watching right now... I have all my Phoenix Suns things ready and there is nothing to watch... Hmmmm.... Something is wrong with this picture...

This Lockout NEEDS to END NOW!

This best not be all I get to see of my Suns! 

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