Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fascination of stars Tragedies

What is it with our preoccupation of stars... What I am thinking about is how Christie Brinkley owes 531 K... I don't think that is any of our business and some things should remain private... Is it that we don't have enough of our own crap going on that we need to point out all the flaws in everyone else... I don't see where stars are any different than what we are... They wear cloths, have money problems and anything else... There isn't anyone exempt from money woes and problems... I just don't know why people are focused on the bad with stars and others and can't pay attention to themselves more... Maybe they like to just say"SEE I'M NOT THAT BAD"... When really we all that bad... I was going to list some of the stars troubles/woes... but then I decided I have enough of my own and wouldn't want the world knowing mine, why would stars and others want us to know all of theirs... Some things are left better behind closed doors...

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