Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sick of Politics...

I can honestly say that I get sick of all the political stuff that goes on at this time of year... I have said in other blogs that I'm not a person that votes for a party... But my goodness... What is getting me is that everyone is fast to blame someone for things that aren't their fault...

What I'm talking about is gas prices and pretty soon food prices... I would think that pretty soon Obama is going to be blamed for the weather and the tornadoes that decided to come out of nowhere... I decided to go see what the gas prices have been over the past 6 years and who was in the White House... If you look at the chart, there has been ups and downs... I wanted to hear some common sense on this instead of it being the Democrats or the Republicans... I think we are giving the president too much credit for being able to control the prices of gas and other things... I'm sure there is going to be comments on all kinds of things because of my post... And I hate political discussions and hearing about some of the nonsense that is out there...  But I did find a site that had some good common sense... Why Is Gas So Expensive?  Here is another site... I like this one too... 5 Myths about Gas Prices ... If you want to find the cheapest gas in your area check out Gas Buddy...

I have been thinking about who I will vote for this time around and I've decided it isn't worth it... Not one person sounds like someone I would vote for... The closest one I like is Santorum ... He has values that are closest to mine... And even if I wanted to vote for Obama, Lord forbid mentioning that out loud in the area we live in or the state... Some people have daggers in thier eyes over the very thought... And if you are a Democrat in Utah or an Independent, you don't stand a chance since they don't use popular vote... It will go to the GOP's... I do like Ron Paul too... But he doesn't stand a chance... So is there a good reason to vote... My thought is not really... The one person I would love to see in politics is Kirk Cameron... He is someone who isn't afraid to say what he feels and thinks... He isn't old enough, but I would vote for him in a heartbeat...

Then as I was doing this blog and was thinking about all the stuff out there about Obama, I couldn't help but wonder where some of these things come from... OK, one is from Donald Trump (Birthers)... But here are some of the myths out there about Obama... 

I found this on a site about Myths about Obama... I'm not defending him, but some of this stuff is ridiculous... It isn't very hard for anyone with any intelligence to search out what is real or facebook myths...

1. Obama is Muslim.

False. He is a Christian. Obama was baptized at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988. And he has spoken and written often about his faith in Christ.

"Rich, poor, sinner, saved, you needed to embrace Christ precisely because you had sins to wash away - because you were human," he wrote in his memoir, "The Audacity of Hope." "... Kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth," Obama wrote.

And yet nearly one in five Americans - 18 percent - believe Obama is a Muslim, according to an August 2010 survey conducted by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

My thoughts on this is that although I personally see nothing myself that says he is a Christian or not, that isn't up to me to decide that and only God and Obama knows for sure...

2. Obama Nixes National Day of Prayer

Numerous widely circulated emails claim President Barack Obama refused to recognize the National Day of Prayer after taking office in January of 2009.

"Oh Our wonderful president is at it again .... he has cancelled the national day of prayer that is held at the white house every year .... sure glad I wasn't fooled into voting for him!" one email begins.

That's false.

Obama issued proclamations setting the National Day of Prayer in both 2009 and 2010.

"We are blessed to live in a Nation that counts freedom of conscience and free exercise of religion among its most fundamental principles, thereby ensuring that all people of goodwill may hold and practice their beliefs according to the dictates of their consciences," Obama's April 2010 proclamation read.

"Prayer has been a sustaining way for many Americans of diverse faiths to express their most cherished beliefs, and thus we have long deemed it fitting and proper to publicly recognize the importance of prayer on this day across the Nation

3. Obama Uses Taxpayer Money to Fund Abortions

Critics claim that the health care reform law of 2010, or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, includes provisions that make up the broadest expansion of legalized abortion since Roe v. Wade.

"The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million in federal tax funds, which we've discovered will pay for insurance plans that cover any legal abortion," Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, said in a widely circulated statement in July 2010.

Wrong again.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department, responding to claims that federal money would fund abortions, issued a stern rebuttal to anti-abortion groups.

"Pennsylvania will - and has always intended to - comply with the federal ban on abortion funding in the coverage provided through our federally funded high risk pool," the Insurance Department said in a statement.

In fact, Obama signed an executive order banning the use of federal money to pay for abortion in the health care reform law on March 24, 2010.

If the state and federal governments stick to their words, it does not appear taxpayer money will pay any part of abortions in Pennsylvania or any other state.

4. Obama Was Born in Kenya - This is one that gets me... I wish they would just get on with what is important and the issues at hand...

Numerous conspiracy theories claim that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, and that because he was not born here he was not eligible to serve as president.

The silly rumors grew so loud, however, that Obama released a copy of his certificate of live birth during the presidential campaign in 2007.

"Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn't have a birth certificate aren't actually about that piece of paper - they're about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen," the campaign said.

"The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America."

The documents prove he was born in Hawaii. Though some believe the records are phony.

5. Obama Charters Plane for the Family Dog... BTW... He is a way cute dog :) 

Uh, no.

PolitiFact.com, a service of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, managed to track down the source of this ridiculous myth to a vaguely worded newspaper article in Maine about the first family's vacation in the summer of 2010.

The article, about the Obamas visiting Acadia National Park, reported: "Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and the president's personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with Baldacci.

Some folks, eager to jump on the president, mistakenly believed that meant the dog got its own personal jet. Yeah, really.

"As the rest of us toil on the unemployment line, as millions of Americans find their retirement accounts dwindling, their hours at work cut, and their pay scale trimmed, King Barack and Queen Michelle are flying their little doggie, Bo, on his own special jet airplane for his own little vacation adventure," one blogger wrote.

The truth?

The Obamas and their staffer traveled in two small planes because the runway where they landed was too short to accommodate Air Force One. So one plane carried the family. The other carried the Bo the dog - and lots of other people.

The dog did not have its own private jet.


Anonymous said...

It appears that God said thou shall not bare false witness against thy brother! Yet politics is the bearing of false witness just to gain power of this world. Yep Obama has no ability to regulate what is not his to regulate like the price of Gas and Oil. I know I worked in the oil markets a few years ago! Prices are created by false beliefs created by the industries theory of supply demand!

As it is written don't touch the oil nor the wine. Wine being religion and oil is what controls the powers of this world which is according to the Bible satin. Which also controls the mouths of politians! Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven. With that thought in mind I too try to vote for the person and not the party or its ideology! That being so I guess when my Lord Jesus runs I'll feel free to know we got the right man!

Anonymous said...

In regards to what I posted I ask that all of us continue to remember
No matter what your belief or faith may be! I tell you that religion may it be purely be of this world politics or a belief in a religion. I feel none of this is important what is important is not in a political or religious philosophy but is in our relationship with our creator by what ever name you give Him

Sandie said...

Hey there Pappy.... You are right... I love to hear what your thoughts are... It seems like old times... My next blog posting is on religion and Kirk Cameron's views...

Rabbin said...

To Those who may read my thoughts! Understand what you read will do you no harm. I am the one who must always worry about what comes out of me for if I step away from God's righteousness then it only my thoughts and what comes out of me that is not of God will do me much harm! So let me end by just saying to those who read my words. I truly love each of you!
NOw if we each could learn to love our Lord first and then each other we'd have no problems with prices of anything! As it is written seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all the things of both heaven and earth will be yours! God is love and Love is God Rabbin

Anonymous said...

We can never forget who we are and who we came from! We are what we become because of the choices we make! If we chose to follow the rightousness of God. Then we don't leave behind what God made us to be!

I thank God for knowing that! And can only hope that in the end He will look at me and judge me as having done a good job!

God Bless
David M. Schare Rabbin

Anonymous said...

For some mysterios reason, I found myself again reading the words of the Senseless and the mindless! As I read them, I thought to myself who is writing all this? Holy Smokes, its me and Sandie!

As they say, it doesn't mean your insane when you talk to yourself it's only when you answer yourself you can get concerned about being mindless or senseless or is that cent-less?

No the only thing to remember is, not from my words but from the words of the Bible are is, the power that rules the world is total evil! (satin) But the power that is in control is God!

So don't listen to me cause I still live in the flesh as do many of those politicans who still count on the things of this world that you believe in! So from sensless mindless me just listen to God that is within each of us! And I reacon in the end you will be ok in the end too!

Lets see now who in the H,E double hockey sticks who will I vote fer? Now many say conservatism is the only way! Others proclaim liberalism is the best. Shucks I guess I will be liberal in loving each of you and them even though none of them show much in common sense or look sensless!

Ok God's in control guess I'll let Him do the votin fer me! Simply put by an old Texican! LOL

God Bless Us All,

Sandie said...

You're so funny Pappy... cent-less is a good way to put it, lol..