Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Others View Americans... Not All! But Some!

Heart Attack Grill Triple Bypass Burger
Today, I decided to click on a link that was about this woman who collapsed at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas NV... Somehow I ended up on the yahoo story that was for the UK Yahoo... Not sure how I did that, but it happened... I always thought that it was a myth on how some countries viewed Americans... That was until I read some of the comments that was posted on UK Yahoo... Wow, talk about judging a nation harshly... I wanted to go on the defensive, but I refrained from doing that since I didn't want to start a fight with another country on how not all Americans are like the ones that eat at the Heart Attack Grill... And I', sure by some of the other comments that the UK is like America where they don't judge others based on where they live and hopefully by the person they are...  But here are some of the comments... I won't put names, but you get the idea... These are word for word... I don't want to stir things up... But it pretty much ticked me off that so many think that Americans are fat, stupid, laughable and pathetic... I'm proud to be an American... And I think it is wrong how anyone can label another if they don't know them personally...

I got to thinking about how the human race is... We judge others before we know them... We think we are right and the other person is wrong... We are all imperfect and have made good and bad choices... I didn't post this to get everyone in an uproar, but it got me thinking about what others think about us Americans..  Reading these comments interesting and upsetting to see how we are viewed... I'm glad God doesn't view us this way... He views us as His children... And He loves us no matter where we are from... Good thing...

I found this on another website and it rings true for this post... I don't think we can hear often enough either - ""Stop judging others, and you will not be judged. Stop criticizing others, or it will all come back on you. If you forgive others, you will be forgiven." I really need to hear this one - stop judging others. Stop judging others. Stop judging others. Okay, I think I've got it.... Maybe... :)
  • Smoking drinking eating rubbish hello heart attack waiting room, Anyone into a healthy diet isn't going to visit such a restaurant so a few big fat americans having heart attacks in such a venue is hardly surprising.
  • You just got to laugh at these stupid white trash Americans don't you. If they're not shagging their first cousins, they're stuffing food down their gobs. Oh I forget, it's their "gene's" right ;o) What a nation of idiots!!!!
  • I bet that fat american super-sized it!
  • its america what did you expect
  • And I thought that americans being stupid was an urban mith
  • Ha ha ____  so right but I have to say I never thought it was a myth, as I grew up I can remember being given advice to treat Americans like children.
  • Eating that amount of anything in one meal is just obscene. I understand they sell Coke in gallon buckets.........what a load of pigs.
  • Yes It would seem that the American race are a little bit...follow the leader kind of stupid as well as being brash, arrogant and generally rude with an overated opinion of themselves and as for the British not being able to use grammar or spell, my god that was one thing the Americans really did basterdise, they have no idea of grammar and spelling is laughable, mainly franetic, its not by any stretch of the imagination....English
  • That's not very nice, _______. What have the ALL ever done to you to make you want them dead? Presumably the ALL is some sort of organisation ... the American Lardass League, most likely. Wouldn't they have ickle you as a member? Guess they do have an upper limit on size after all.
  • From the country that has classified pizza as a 'vegetable' so that it can be sold in schools.
  • I can honestly say that something like this can only happen in the USA. Americans are eating themselves to death. And health insurance is paying for all of it; that's why the premiums are increasing 150% every other year. I can't believe how dump people are to do this to themselves... really dumb... I have no other words to describe it. I know it sounds mean and all, but boy, she deserves a heart attack.
  • No surprise coming from a nation whose controlling elite is bent on breeding a race of obedient worker drones that question nothing
  • Yes, and they're too dumb to even realise that they're just a nation of brainwashed over fed mindless robots.
  • Hey ________, you should hear what they think about us. Hollywood is a good example of the loathing the Yanks have for us.
  • thats america all over, dont care about the consequences even though they will inevitably lead to their own destruction
  • Smart people don't hate other people just because they are of a different nationality... unfortunate not many Americans are smart, especially in mid-America, far away from the coast. :) And don't criticize me for saying that; I know what's I’m talking about. I’m a Ukrainian born American who now lives in the UK... so I’ve seen it all, I can compare.
  • So if she "deserves" a heart attack then I suppose it would follow, logically, that most Brits "deserve" liver failure with the copious, pointless amounts of booze that are consumed here and the ridiculous and notoriously pathetic drink culture? Yeah. Thought so.....
  • americans
This hit a sour note with me... Maybe it's because I live in Utah... Hmmm 
________, i wanna see what you say if you get stuck in Utah for a week... i saw born and bred Americans run away from there, cursing and crying :)

The Flip Side... These are actually intelligent answers or replies... 
  • There is a big food problem in developed countries. We need to tackle the problem from the source rather than pay such a high cost. Obesity and Diabetes is a big worry here in the UK
  • There are overweight, slim, stupid, clever people all over the world, don't base one American's idea of living on all Americans, just the same we can't base the fact that because "getagrip" can't spell that all Brits are bad spellers, the fact remains that if someone abuses their body no matter what race, colour, creed or religion it will eventually give out - so this woman did what she wanted to do and the consequence is that she suffered, it is sad that she doesn't see her body as something to look after and take care of - it is also sad that people see this as way to abuse Americans "getagrip" should get a grip and realise that this can happen anywhere in the world not just the USA!!!!
  • It's amazing, that a simple story about a burger, can stir up a lot of school yard, name calling and insults. I await the picking at my grammar and spelling from the perfect police.
A couple of my favorite replies... 
  • I find it interesting when people make sweeping, simplistic generalisations about people from another country, like "not many Americans are smart", or "they're a nation of brainwashed idiots" - and it's especially sad when it comes from people who have lived in both countries and are still too small-minded to see past prejudice and stereotype. (And yes, I've lived in many parts of the States and the UK too). Hate and prejudice just breed more of the same; a lesson I thought most people who profess to be smarter than others would have learned by now.

    Besides, the World Health Organisation puts the UK at 23% obese, just 11% behind the USA. I do think there are many unhealthy practices with regard to food (in both extremes) in the States. But still, going from "wow, they have a bad restaurant in the States" to "they're all stupid" is a bit of a leap to me.
  • It's about time someone said that. People are far too quick to stereotype...
  • Lots of holier than thou people on here today!
  • You should be able to eat, drink, smoke and do what you want within reason. We all know the dangers of living such a life style and that it will shorten you life, but that’s the choice for the individual to make. We all complain about the “nanny culture” when choices are taken away from us, do we not?
  • _______ .... one sandwich won't kill anyone unless they choke on it. A lifetime of gluttony and excessive behavior is the killer here.
  • This makes me feel sick. I don't care what anyone does to themselves, but it's a bit sickening when 925 million people in this world are in a state of famine and can't feed their children, that people in the Western World can literally eat themselves to death
In Closing: As an American, I'm proud of where I live... I try not to judge people that live in other countries... I don't know them, how can I judge them...That's not my place to do that...  They are born where they have been born just like I have been born here... I don't know why Americans are hated in many countries... Maybe I will have to look that up... I go more by the rules of Christ... We shouldn't judge others or we will be judged too.. We are to love one another as He loves us... I don't think there are county lines or better benefits to His love because I live in the USA or if someone else lives in a small village in a third world country... We are all God's children, no matter where we come from... Our ultimate destination should be to live forever with Christ... Not live in the USA, UK, Africa or any other country... 

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Anonymous said...

I feel as apparently others do it makes no difference what someone of one political theology over another may think! Or what what nation over anouther may think but what God thinks is the most important thing!

Love of neighbor is what Christ told us to do but how well are we loving when we pass judgment on others?

When I do it I feel like I am one who is watching another doing what I think is foolish! And I am doing it while I am standing in something that looks like mud, but has a different smell to it!

I feel we'd all be better off by just looking at oursleves first before we cast stones at anouther!

Remember Peter as he watched Jesus walking on water. Then he stepped out of the boat and worried about the water! You see Peter took his eyes off of our Lord and when he did he sunk into the water!

So judge not the world and those around us that's our Lords job not ours! You see, that's what I the mindless thinks! And it doesn't matter what I think or the rest of the mindless think it only matters what God Thinks!

You just got the thoughts of someone without a mind but I do have a soul and I can only hope when I go home God will say I did a good job!

God Bless,


His Garden
No matter in which way you may look, what you seek, is found in this one book!
So as I look in any direction, from the East to the West!
Is there somewhere I can find a good place in which to rest?
There is this place I’m told, by a prophet who was very old!
A place that’s not to hard to find,
a place of peace, for both the spirit and the mind!

In the midst of this garden, He has planted two trees.
One has the fruit of innocence and of all the things, we each should be!
While the other holds the fruit of knowledge of all things right and wrong!
things often spoken of, in King David’s Psalms!

So welcome, to His garden my dear friend.
Now take care where you may walk, so as not to offend!
For in here is the essence of life, from our beginning, to our end.

In His garden are carefully sowed seeds,
that a man must continually work at, to keep out all the weeds!
And from its fruits you shall find the abundance of your life!
As it is when two come together as a husband, and as a wife!
In this garden nothings ever borrowed, sold or used,
and in here no one is ever cursed at, hurt or abused!
It’s in here, where are found the secrets, of where you first began,
And in here is where you shall find, a loving and a lasting friend!

In His, garden lay the secrets of eternal life,
Where, nothings ever hidden, nor is it ever kept out of sight!
And it’s simply found by loving one another, while guided by His Holy light!

So take my hand, as you walk out of that lifeless sand!
There now just sit for a just moment, under His Tree of Life!
Where nothing’s ever wrong, and all things, are right!

In hear is only loving peace, and that’s all that you shall ever find!
If you take care, remembering to always be gentle and to be kind!
So let your hearts never become hardened,
While resting here in His loving Garden!

By Pappy