Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Friend Rabbin

David and Lucille
There is this guy that I met in Angelhaven... His name is David aka Rabbin... I call him pappy though... Once in a while someone comes into your life that you know God wanted them there... For a long time he has been offline and not so long ago, he sent me a request on Facebook... I was thinking all kinds of things and why he wasn't online... Pappy is a brittle diabetic and has had alot of problems with that... Thankfully he is still with us and then he shares the great news that he is married... I have prayed for him for many years and for him to find the right person that God wants in his life and he has...

I enjoy the conversations that Pappy and I have... We both like getting into these deep discussions... Even though my brain is much slower than Pappy's... Some of the things that he writes I may put on here with his permission... So Pappy, I know you come in here, and I'm asking permission, lol... This is what I call putting you on the spot, lol...

Pappy just wrote a article on how some pastors are saying that there is no literal heaven or hell... I love the way Pappy writes and says what is on his mind... I'm glad he is back online... He is one person I missed when he went on hiatus from the internet...

Welcome Back David aka Rabbin aka Pappy... Better than Welcome back Kotter :)

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Anonymous said...

My Darling Daughter,

Yes God is in control to show us our way through the darkenss of our past as well as the darkness in the days to come. You my dear are one of those lights that God has brought into my life! And no I was never gone just get tired of the ways of this world of which the ways of the internet are a part of! You can't make something good out of something not so good, but God can make all things good when He is ready!

So God gave me a wife and daughter when I needed such most. And today through Lucille I have a whole family that was not there in my past and yet wanted so much! Love is God God is love and all things some which seem bad are there only for our individual good never bad! Oh it may seem bad but in the end its all good!

Thank You Father for Jesus adn thank you Father for creating a time and place for Lucille and Sandie in my life! And perhaps for anyone who comes into this site and gets some good out of reading of what God has done for both Sandie, Lucille and me!

Remember we make our own bad things but if we look at it in the proper light of God's Love all is well!

May God Bless and keep all of you!

David aka Rabbin
David M. Schare