Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy Things- Facebook

Some things drive me crazy about Facebook...The thing I'm talking about right now is status's that ask something like " let's see how many are real Christians on Facebook by Sharing this..." FOR REAL...Or" if you really care about God  click like"... If I reposted all comments, status's and images that is all I would have... There are many great causes, but my goodness, it get's to be a bit much.... And if you don't share, you are the worse person ever... The only things I usually repost is if it is a special favor for a friend and I know them personally or a missing person or child that has been confirmed that it isn't a hoax... I will always check out things before reposting...
Then I have all the upteen contests that are going around... If you share this or enter this or like this page... I will only like someones page if it is someone I know personally... There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, I don't do that... 

I'm not saying that it isn't OK to share things...I think we need to make sure it is something worth sharing and not scams or hoaxes... I have to include all the political reposts in this one too... I hate those and I hate to hear all the grievances others have about people who are in office... And it bugs the crap out of me that they can't take the time to look up the information and make sure it isn't a hoax or something taken out of context... It seems like there is so much hatred and name calling on both sides that it makes me sick to hear anything about any political views... 
Facebook and other Social Networks can be a great avenue to get information out, catch up with friends and family and almost anything else... But we also need to remember that there is alot of bad things that go on when it comes to Social Networks... There are pedophiles out there, liars, cheats, scammers and almost any other kind of person that you may never have thought of... We need to be selective about what we put out there and who we let into our world... I have been guilty of putting to much info out myself and had to change many settings... 

I have no problem with Facebook or other Social Networks...I seem to spend more time on here when I'm sick and I think that is too much... Or I have friends that think I dropped off the planet because they don't see me online very much... Usually if I don't have a reason to get online, then I try to do other things like watch NCIS, lol... OK, that's a lame example... But that's pretty entertaining... Since I have gotten sick this time, NCIS has been a show I have gotten into and I have to say that is the one show I could handle in a marathon of shows...  
But it is pretty sad when Facebook is all a person does in their life and they have nothing else to do...and wow, the money that can be spent on Facebook can get way out of control... There is life outside of Facebook people... I like getting on Facebook, but I don't see how people can spend all their waking hours on there and have nothing else to do... If that is the case, maybe they should take up a hobby, volunteer, get a job or even better get a life...


Anonymous said...

It seems ironic that in this mindless and senseless ramblings we hear of what Jesus talked about a long time ago! Hmmm wait there was no such thing as Facebook then! True but there was whate we call the book of life was there not?

In my travels over a of years I have seen three kinds of people concerning our Christianity!

One: Believers
Two: Non-Belivers
Three: Proclaimers

Jesus told us about those who liked to be seen praying long and reputitious prayers or seen in the highest seats in the temple! I see that today in the churches of the modern Christian world. I tell you such things of being seen will not get you on to the book of life or it might get you in the roll of some faith or church but will it save you from your sins!

A true Christian knows what he knows and that Jesus died on the cross so that we might have everlasting life! And being seen on Facebook won't do it nor being seen in church will do it either!

As Christians we must, must, must, first know we have fallen short and all have sinned! And that Chirst came to give us salvation from such and being on Facebook won't make it for you or being seen in church will help either!

You could be the biggest doing in the Church Community of Christianity and biggest blogger or Facebook person jumping on to many and any queston asked! Do you Love Jesus?

I tell you I do but I know what I know and that is that God and Jesus know every hair on my head. Hmmmm which for me there aren't many hairs up there left these days! But God knows not only what the world can see but even more than that He see's truely what I am! And that's all I need to know!

So am I seen on Facebook going into this or that to show I love Jesus? Nope! You can read about me on Facebook but only what I tell you! It makes no difference for God knows exactly how much I love Him and That's all I need to know other than ther fact that He love Me so much he suffered for me that I now have everlasting and a more abundant life!

I pray when the time comes He will look at me and put me into one of rooms in His Kingdom love! and I pray that for each of you too!

God Bles and has Bless each of us in such a wonderous way!

Much Love

Anonymous said...

As too what I stated last night about folks wanting to show how much they give a public show of how Christian we are!

This morning I was taken to the book of Romans! Where we learn that even Abramham was not led to heaven because of a religion but by his faith and trust in God! For Judism was not even a faith then. Then they were Hebrewic a race of people not a religion. But God saw that he Abraham was dealing with God Himself by his faith and his faith in the promise of being freed from his sins against God1 And was not given eternal life because of being on Facebook but Abraham was being seen by God in the book of life! As it is written by Abrahams examples that he found favor with God by his faith and trust in God and in God alone!

hmmm wonder if I should go on Facebook and proclaim this or just sit back and have faith that God will do it for me?

Much love,
Your old Pappy