Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Party Lines - Rabbins Ramblings

pappy as I would call him is also known by many names... Some call him by his given name of David, others know him as Rabbin... I know him as pappy... He posted this message as a comment to one of my posts about voting and it my vote counts... I wanted to share his wit and wisdom with all of you... I will be posting some of his writings now and then... 


I recall a time was when the phone range you listened to hear how many rings you got before you knew the call was for you or someone else down the road, they were called party lines and I didn’t mean political parties! Two shorts and a long was for our home and two longs was for the neighbor! However now no matter where you go you hear songs and rings beeps and twangs and bells from everywhere! You hear it from everywhere carrying their phones in their pockets! Progress isn’t wonderful? Hmmm isn’t it?
A week ago while rushing to the hospital to care for a family member who we were contacted by a church member to rush to see him because he was at deaths door! While reaching for the door to the hospital the phone in my pocket rang! With great concern and frightened for our family members life we quickly answered the phone in worry about new news about our loved one! However the call was another one of those political calls just wanting to conduct a political survey! Both at home and on the cell we have gotten as many as 2 such calls in less than an hour! 
At that point my rational reaction for folks to use the phone for marketing the views of any political group was far from our hearts and minds! Only our care for our family member was all we cared about! Later that day after seeing our loved one as we left the hospital while others were still in the room with him! As we left the hospital to go home and pray for him the phone rang again this time it was a recorded message from Lamar Smith’s office giving out another us another political message! Again out of fear it was new news over our loved one all politics did was to aggravate a horrible situation! The blessing of having such phone technology is not for advertising anyone or thing! But to be able to communicate for our needs and the needs of a marketer in public or private business! Such use be used by such people only takes away the good Godly blessing of good technology! 
Now is the time for these political people to give the public a reason to vote them in office and do something beyond their political philosophies, which solve nothing. I suggest we stick to our basic Christian philosophy of love thy neighbor as much as we do ourselves! I suggest we remember when our Lord kicked over the tables of the merchants and told us we had turned our house of prayer into a den of thieves and what that truly meant! Remember it was the political groups of the Sanhedrin and the Romans who stuck to their own political and/or religious philosophy, that crucified the innocent! 
Remember the Good Old Days when we only got an occasional call from someone selling and you could tell them not to call back and they would? Remember when calls came in from just those in our family and from those in businesses, that had a reason to call us? And a time when politicians held meetings in the court yard for all to hear or if we didn’t like what they said we could simply walk away! And we’d just read about them in the paper or on the radio or TV? When sales people walked the streets and knocked on your door and you could invite them in or tell them where to go or just say no! You see these folks don’t love you they just love themselves. For if they truly loved they wouldn’t kick down your door to make you har them or interfere with your necessities and your needs of life. Or try to flimflam you by cloaking your needs as being something you need too! Yes sir re doesn’t make any difference if you’re a conservative or liberal. The nation is in a mess because we have turned into world wants rather than needs!

Now is the time to ban the use of the phones for any form of marketing including survey’s, politics, and so called charities! Remember what we were taught, faith, hope, and love! For if we truly love our Lord Charity just comes along naturally! Remember the good old days? The days when a vote counted and wasn't purchased by marketing dollars of big industry?

David M. Schare


Anonymous said...

Over the past few days we have heard and read so many words from those seeking to have all power of so many or so few, which have real needs to be able to live in this world! I had to wonder to all these politicians have real need for the basics of just being able to live?
We hear of all those folks RIGHTING a book or having a book written about all their righteousness! Then we hear them speak and spin the words of their opposition and you know its all just a twist of the truth! So then when read their words of how they want to help. I have to wonder how much help can one that spins the truth about their brothers all of which whom are considered to be the Children of our Creator. Be of any help to any who truly have life needs!
It is written God is Love and Love is God if I be a child or God than must I too not just love if I am a part of my creator?
Look I am not running for office so I won’t speak badly of any of them. I just live in this world but I sure don’t want to be a part of it! Can you understand why and I ask if I am crazy for not wanting the stuff of this world. Then many may see me as a bit nuts well perhaps I am and I can’t wait to fall from this tree and be found rooted as a new tree in world without love!

34 - Did I fear a great multitude, or did the contempt of families terrify me, that I kept silence, and went not out of the door?
- 35 - Oh that one would hear me! behold, my desire is, that the Almighty would answer me, and that mine adversary had written a book.
- 36 - Surely I would take it upon my shoulder, and bind it as a crown to me.
( Job 31:34-36 )(KJV)

Note on comments about folks writting a book! Did you note I think I just did? Nope not yet but heck anything I write nobody would listen to!


Sandie said...

Rooted in a new world is where anyone who is is a real Christian would want to be... We shouldn't be want to be part of this world and if anyone is wanting that, then they aren't following what we are shown in god's words... We are in this world, but we shouldn't be of this world... We live here, but this isn't our home... I look forward to the day when i'm in the presence of Christ... I can do without this world and the things in this world...

I don't see any politician that is going to speak the truth... They are going to put a spin on things that will put them higher up on the totem pole... I guess the only one I would feel 100% sure of when voting is Christ alone...