Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Other Side - Poem

I wrote this poem some time ago and have been thinking about it lately... It was written when I was in the hospital... I may repost more of them from time to time... Matt... If you find the page easily enough... Here is the link to the dream about the tree... I thought I would make it easy for you to find... Tree Dream/Vision

                             The Other Side 

I know where I am, and it feels so right,
I'm looking back at them, and walking toward the light.
That's the way, I remember spending last night,
The many before me, all dressed in white.

I can hear all you say, hear when you pray,
So tired these days, I just want to stay.
Once in a place, of a world gone gray,
I seem so close to you, yet so far away.

It's hard to explain, but a long awaited ride,
Somewhere between you, and the other side.
I feel like I have to go, they're showing me the light,
I look down below, did I really loose my fight?

Whispers of angels and chimes of perfected sound,
My soul journeys back, I returned to earthly ground.
The jobs not finished, waiting for the glorious day.
God's angels promised that soon I would forever stay.

When that time comes, I know  I'll be all right,
Because its God ahead, who's showing me the light.
Please! Don't be so sad, there's no more pain to be had,
For God's angels will be holding my hand, to the other sid
By Sandie Divan aka 63angel ©


Anonymous said...

As one who knows being one who has written a couple of pros! I thank God to feel and know! How Sandie's heart was opened to show us what God has sowed!

That with all humility, will all shall be dressed as white as snow!

So hear my prayer I pray for you, that all of shall know to live and what to do.that none will be cast away like some onld shoe!

In the end we will all know to love one anouther in spite of ourselves. Never wanting to forget Him, who did not put us each here on some old shelf!

Not to be forgotten or dismayed but to fill all our needs and those things of which we prayed!

So love to God our unconditional loving friend, we shall all see you when the time comes, at the end!

God Bless You All

Sandie said...

Thank you pappy... I wrote this poem a long time ago and was thinking about it the other day... I hope you are doing good and pray all is well with you... Love ya...