Saturday, June 16, 2012


David Scare aka Rabbin

This was sent to be from David aka Rabbin.. What some may find interesting is that he wrote this while he was going through a insulin crisis and doesn't  remember writing much of this... Shows how God speaks to us when we can't do for ourselves... He still gives us the words needed... 

                For myself as a father of two and as a grandfather who loves all his children dearly.  No matter if they have made mistakes or met my approval or not, I unconditionally love all that God has given me!  Yet to me the celebration of waiting for a response from my children as their father, with affection and love from them!  All of this seems lost in the mist of all earthly loves and earthly disenchantment's!

                So, today to overcome those earthly feelings!  Those feelings of not hearing much from all my children a sign of love!.  I must ask myself am I too guilty, of not looking unto my Father and just simply saying I love you?  Are my feeling of sadness called for because I failed as a father, that they didn't remember me on Father's day?

                As I look back I had to consider how many times the world and its ways allowed me seek more of the things of this world than what my Father had taught me as I was growing up!  And that perhaps I missed the boat by not paying attention to how much love my Father had given me and gave me all the needs of life!  As I recall my Father gave me from the time of my conception when I was only but a mere seed of dust!  He put me before me then and taught me to love Him and all the goodness of heaven and earth.  It was then when He made my mother's seed fertile with His breath!  And before I was born He saw to it I had enough to eat, to drink, and gave me examples of how to live and to love and also a good name and a great inheritance!  And all He asked back of me was to Love Him above all things, even when I ignored Him and did not follow His teachings!  Yet He still loved me so much that He gave up what He loved most so I might have an everlasting life and inheritance!  So from my children what can I ask only that they love my Father first and sow the seeds of our inheritance to one another?  Knowing that such an inheritance is Love!

                Remember what we were told, about loving, about Jesus, after the third time He was seen after He arose from the dead?  It was then Jesus asked Simon Peter at a gathering of all His disciples lovest thee more than all of these?  Meaning all the others there, who were His other followers!  Simon Peter answered, Yea Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus said to him, Feed My Lambs! 

                Jesus then asked him a second time.  Simon Peter son of Jonas lovest thou me Yea Lord, thou knowest that I love thee.  Jesus said "Feed My Sheep",  Note the difference between  lambs and sheep  Lambs are babies while sheep are adults!

                Jesus then asked a third time! Lovest thou me?  Again Jesus repeated to him, Feed My Sheep.  Then Jesus explained,  Verily, Verily when thou wast young, thou girdedst thyself and walkest whither thou wouldst; but when thou shall be old, thou shall stretch forth thou hands and others shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not!

                So as my Father did I show you how much I loved you?  No matter how many times you asked did I truly show you how much I loved you?  So when my children say or don't say I loveyou just how important is it?  But it is important to tell all Gods Children they are loved and in doing that unconditionally is saying to our Lord Yes Father we Love you by our every breath! And in this there is ever lasting life!  So Happy Fathers Day!  Yes Father I love you not once but twice and Three more times upon three more times! So let not the world guide us, but let us be sheep being fed only by God our Father!!

 David M. Schare
Referecce  Geneis Chapt. 1 and 2  John  Chapter 21

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