Sunday, June 17, 2012

My New Grand-Daughter

Kora  on her Birth Day
Kora Jaine- 2 weeks
OK! So! Those who know me really well know that I have 4 of the most adorable and best grandsons in the WORLD... I'm sure there will be no argument there, lol... Now I have the most adorable and beautiful gran-daughter finally... Her name is Kora Jaine and she is the cutest ever... NO arguments needed on that point... I know it is the truth... Evidence is in her little face... Kora made her debut on May 31st, 2012 at 3:50 pm... I don't worry about how tall or how much she weighs because she is perfect...

For me I think the hardest thing is going to not over spoil her and giving equal attention to each of the boys at the same time... There is something special about little girls... That is until they start dating and I wish my daughter Beckiah and my son in law Jason the best of luck with that... Been there, done that... Another thing that Beckiah and Jason have to look forward to is that she is a Gemini just like me... Have fun with that one too...

Kora is very sweet and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty... And it is nice to be able to buy things that are pink, purple with lots of lace and frills... For some reason my grandsons wouldn't let me dress them up like that or give them dolls... Go figure, lol...

So welcome to the world Kora... And congratulations Beckiah and Jason....

Grandaughter Kora

Many anxious prayers made, while trying not to worry

you finally arrived in this world in no particular hurry

Precious little Kora Jaine so perfect and sweet

born on May 31st, what a delightful treat

God's all around you and your angel is here

watching and caring ever so near.

The smiles and the sounds only babies can do

and grownups acting all silly just because of you.

The bond of Love Kora is a gift from our Father above

I pray you will love him and find peace like a dove . 

From G-Ma

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JenJen said...

Welcome Kora Jaine. Congrats Beckiah and jason and boys.