Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Meadow....

On a different note, I think of a sweet lady that I have known I beleive for 9 or 10 yrs. Time goes by so fast. I forget the time. She will be meeting Jesus soon. Her body is tired and I think about how wonderful it is going to be sitting next to Jesus and carrying on a conversation and he puts His arm around your shoulders and tells you that you have fought a brave fight and now I am here to take all that pain and there is no need to fight anymore. There is no need to worry about things anymore. I often think about this when it comes to any of our lives and how Jesus is there for us.

I have had this dream a long time ago. It is of a meadow. There in the meadow is this lovely tree that looks somewhat like a weeping willow tree. The brances are lightly blowing in the gentle breeze. Nothing very strong, just gentle. Under that tree is sitting some friends and family. It's like they are just chilling and they were waiting for us to get there. Beyond the tree is a brook. You can't see it, but you can hear the water flowing downstream. What a lovely day it is when we all meet in this meadow. Jesus is there to greet each as they arrive for this special meeting under the tree that lies in the middle of the meadow. What a perfect dream this has been.

Was it really a dream? Or was it a vision of things to come. We were promised when our body dies, we will be with Jesus if we are beleivers. We are given glimpses into what heaven will be like. The life we have on earth is such a small amount of time compared to what eternity will be like and what we will experience. No more pain or sorrow. No more needing to worry about where we will get enough money to pay for our next bill. Jesus paid that bill for us when He died on the cross. Some of us will meet Jesus sooner then others. Are those who live longer more blessed? I'm not so sure. I feel that I sure can be happy to think about what it will be like and what a blessing that will be. Some say they are good if they are breathing. But are they just living or are they walking corpses. My friend Nancy may not live long in this life. But she is more alive in her broken body because she has the eternal hope of Salvation. Wow, what a wonderful gift to look forward too. And what a blessing to be that friend that is waiting under the tree in the meadow that waits for thier loved ones to arrive. WOW....

Nancybratts Xanga Website
Warning- Her site is graphic and contains information about the true affects of Anorexia/Bulemia. This is not a pro-anorexia site. She is dying from this horrible disease. Please visit her site... You will be inspired and if you know someone with Anorexia/Bulemia, please pass this on to them.

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