Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just thinking about when my daughters were younger

I was going through my playlist last night and updating my songs on Myspace and couldn't help but think about when Jessica and Beckiah were little. And now they have little ones. Wow, where does the time go.

I don't know if you remember the song Kokomo by the Beach Boys. But Jessica did pagents from the time she was 4 yrs old. On one of the pagents she did this really cute show. She dressed up in the floral outfit my sister made for her and she sang Kokomo. It was so darn cute. Ok, I know Im the momma,but it was cute,lol. She did awesome and won alot of awards and struted her stuff. She did pagents till she was in the third grade.

Then I was thinking about Rebeckiah. I had this special tape made up by Kool FM. Beckiah and I loved the music on there. It had Seasons in the Sun, Sylvias Mother, Billy Don't Be a Hero, Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers and so many more. But it was fun and both of us loved the music from this.

Some of the things I remember is how prissy Jessica was and how tomboyish Beckiah was. I remember how they would have unwanted guests in the house "BOYS", and my husband yelling and them running down the road, lol. I remember the 2 am runs to Walmart just to go shopping or spend time together. I remember the time Beckiah and would just talk. No need for anything else. Jessica loved to shop and Beckiah was more about listening and being there. She loved to shop, but more hanging out with friends. I remember the horrible noise from the flute Jessica would play and eventually that noise turned to music,lol. WHEWWWWWWWW on that one, lol.

But as I write this, I just want to tell anyone reading to charish the times with your kids. They grow up fast and if you spend time with them and get to know them, you will continue to have them in your lives and you will be in thiers. Even when they abandon thier Mom and Dad and move to North Carolina, lol. Now I not only get to have fun times with my daughters but my grandsons as well, waiting to add a girl to the mix on that one, lol. But love your kids and they will love you even when they get mad at you. Sometimes you have to be the parents and not thier friends.

Jessica and Beckiah if you are reading this "I LOVE YOU BOTH". And you are both wonderful and special in your own ways. Even if you don't feel like you are. You are both one in one million and very very very loved. And did I say Loved...

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Talking about music I remember going to the all the concerts we went to and about that tape I remember you and Beckiah always wanting to listen to the tape while after awhile cause you two played so much I got annoyed. But I still love you!!!