Friday, September 12, 2008

Having Fun With The Grandsons

This weekend I have my three grandsons. Tyson, Jace and Ashton... My niece is celebrating her 17th birthday. So I have them with me so she can go to my daughters house and have a party. I'm thinking on who is better "Teens" or "3 Boys",lol. Well, I guess the boys would be,lol. I just can't resist those cute faces.

My oldest grandson Tyson is all excited about a new cartoon that is coming on, lol. He is standing beside me telling me about the count down and how it must be something called Gym Teacher. Ummm, I am beginning to think my weekend will be filled with cartoons, lol.

But tonight after dinner we went to the park. They had alot of fun. They got all excited when another family came to the park with bottle rockets. Well, now I know I am not going to get out of there very fast. But they had fun, and that's what is more important. The night was nice and there was a slight breeze and in the desert, and breeze is a good thing, lol.

Overall, this weekend will be fun and they will have a good time and they are always good at G-Ma's house. My daughter Beckiah can't understand that, but I think it is very easy to understand. :)

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