Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Medical Tests Are Just Un-Cool

Well, today I had to go to my Drs office and have these horrible tests. I will just let you know it is a Urologists and they don't have very nice tests. But I survived. I don't think it is normal for some things to be done, lol. But like I said, I survived. A tad bit not happy about tests and Drs these days, I figure life will go on and I will survive another day.

I have more things going on Friday morning, which in reality is now. It is 12:59 am. Ughhhh, I can't believe I am still on this computer. I shuld be in bed since I have to be up at 7am. Yepppers, 7am. That isn't normal for me. I sleep till 10 or so, lol. But I have to go to the speech therapist to see what they have to say about some kind of damage to my vocal cords. I have a feeling my husband put out a special request to God to make it so I can't talk too much. But little did he know that I can type fast and keep up,lol.

But all in all I am realizing that I am sick of tests and Drs. Although they are all nice and do what is best. But I think I am ready for a real vacation, "Calgon Take Me Away". I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and go see my daughter in North Carolina and my grandson soon. Not saying that is a real vacation. Alot of times it just means more work. But gotta love them :). Her place is a long ways from my Drs. office, so that is a BIG plus in my book. But I think I am going to go to bed and get up way to early and see what the Drs have to say and then come home and go to bed and then after that call Jessica to see what she is doing and if she found a walking partner. Good Night Computer Land...And God Bless

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