Monday, September 15, 2008

Today has been filled with....

alot of uneventful things. Well for the most part that is. My husband is a truck driver and does local work in Las Vegas. Thats only a couple hours away, so it isn't too bad. Plus it is nice because if I want to go there for a couple days, his company pays for the room and stuff. So that is even better. I have also been working on the Community Expo stuff. I am the president of it, I kinda slept through the meeting and that is what happens when you do that. They make you president lol. So today, I have been working on that and trying to get some prizes together for that.

The Community Services Expo is all about helping the local non-profits here in Southern Utah. We raise funds and awareness. Its a pretty cool event for the most part. We have alot of fun and its a great day in the park for families. You can check out our website at and get more information if you like. My daughter Jessica is putting together a couple gift baskets to give away on that day.And my work is giving a 3 minute shopping spree away. I work at a grocery store here. Too bad I can't win prizes. I would know where all the goodies are, lol. We have drawings every 15 minutes or so. If you are in the Southern Utah area or have a business, home or otherwise, anyone can donate and you get free advertising. Nothing is too big or small for this event.

Other then that, I am doing nothing but sitting here and trying to win at the cutest pet on Cafemoms, Jessica challenged me to a showdown. And it looks like she may win. I'm not sure how she can think her dog, that is my dog that went to heavens son. They are the same bloodline and mother and son. How dare she, lol. But gotta love her and love Mickey dog. He is a cutie, I have to admitt :). Have a good night everyone and God Bless.

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