Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To Vote Or Not To Vote?

Wow, what a loaded question that is right now with all the interesting things going on. For the most part people have made up thier minds who they want to vote for and for thier own reasons. What I wonder is those who choose not to vote at all.

I have a friend that grumbles about everything under the sun when it comes to the way the country is going and that if things don't change, then he is moving to Canada. My thoughts are though is...If you want change or you believe in something, you need to get involved. Even if it is voting. Some will say that thier vote doesn't count. But it does. Everyone has only one vote. All of those votes add up to millions and the new leader of our country. If you don't vote and get involved, you shouldn't complain about who got in or not in.

Also when this election is all said and done. We will have a new Commander in Chief and it is going to be a struggle no matter who wins. But we all need to pray for our leaders and whomever gets in. We will need to mend and heal. Vote with your heart and brain and pray about it. God is still in control. We just want to think we are, lol.

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