Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Somethings just get my mind a wondering...

I am sitting here reading about Sarah Palin and while I agree that I think it is great that her daughter isn't even thinking about abortion. What gets me is how the Republicans went out of thier way when Bill Clinton had his issues with Monica Lewinski?? on spelling. But that was and should be something that a husband and wife handles together. It had nothing to do with his job and things went on. Except there were people that wanted to form a political linch mob.

As I said, I think it is good that Gov Palins daughter isn't having an abortion. But why is it that they are applauding her for having sex outside of marriage and having a baby at 17. If I recall the media was going crazy over the whole Jamie Lynn Spears thing. They said all kinds of hateful things and yet many are behind this young girl that is pregnant and her mom is running for Vice President. I personally feel that if she can't keep her family in order how in the world is she gonna run a country if something should happen to McCain.

In support of the 17 yr old. I do think it is good what she has chosen to do in the wake of her getting pregnant and that she is getting married. I wonder though if they are getting married because it is better in the wake of the mom running for vice president. I also applaud Obama when he stated that there should be no bashing of this young girl because he was a son of a young mother who chose to keep him at the age of 18. She was 17 when she was pregnant with Obama.

My main thought though is why is there double standards for some. If you are a Demoocrat it isn't ok to do something wrong. But if you are a Republican and choose the right path even when you did something wrong, it is ok and off limits. Hummm. I don't think there should be double standards and I am very pleased she is being responsible now and keeping the baby.

Something else I must add... I know you all are wondering what is up with this blogger, lol. But I think back to when I was 17 yrs old. I got pregnant and had my daughter Jessica when I was just three weeks into my 18th yr. I never regreted it. I have no room to judge anyone. But it was hard and I had to grow up fast. I think that parents need to be more responsible and make sure thier kids know what is going to happen. And granted you can't watch them all the time and they are gonna make mistakes. There are many that will choose the wrong course when they have an unwanted pregnancy. I'm very blessed that I didn't even consider or intertained that idea.

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