Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Count Your Blessings

You know there are many days that I can honestly say that I want to complain about everything and things just aren't right. But then I look around and hear about the missionaries at our church and the conditions theylive in and worship God in. We get upset when the temperature is too warm or the music isn't fast enough or slow enough, depending on your favorite music.

I have learned along time ago when I got Guillian Barre Syndrome and now Myasthenia Gravis and other things, yet things can be worse. My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 46:1 and that says that God is our refuge and strength and ever present in times of trouble. How awesome is that promise when we really think about it. Can you imagine what life would be like if Jesus didn't die for us and if we had no hope at all. I feel so bad for those who think this eartly body we have is the end. Tonight I was surfing the blogs for the first time since starting mine up. Which that has been sometime. But I never really thought about what others were writing about in thiers and what was going on half way around the world. I think that is awesome too when you think we can talk to people that we would never get a chance to meet if it wasn't for the internet. It is interesting to listen to peoples different views. Although I have to say that my brain has no room for those that are into Satanic crud.

Back to blessings. Although I have alot of medical things going on and by many Drs thoughts I shouldn't be here, but I am. I am very blessed. God has given me wonderful kids and grandkids. Even though I told them no grandkids till I had grey hair. Hmmmm, they didn't listen. But how can you not love the little guys and if Jessica and Beckiah are reading this, you need to work on a GIRL,lol. I have been blessed everyday when I wake up, even when it is on the wrong side of the bed. Which that happens often when I don't get my sleep, ughhh. Ask anyone around me, lol. God has provided for us by giving us wonderful friends, and for the most part wonderful family, my sweet pets and allergies. You may be wondering why allergies. Well, the reason is, I am allergic to cigarette smoke and most things that are bad for you. So I can't smoke or drink. There are times I tell my Drs though that I should take up a bad habit so I can justify all the stuff going on with my body,lol. They don't see the humor in that :). Count your blessings, I bet you have many that you didn't consider! If you can't think of anything, think about the computer you are typing on and all the lives you are reaching because of this wonderful technology. Well most times that is, lol. When it gets a virus, I might think otherwise... But Im gonna close tonight and I pray that everyone has a good nights sleep and if you are on the other side of the world. I pray you have a great day.

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