Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, ok as some of you all know. I have the ability to grumble a bit. I think that is something that we all do at some point or another. Weather it is when we drive down the road and someone doesn’t turn on their blinker to let us know what way they are going to turn. Or they may be going 25 miles an hour in a 40 mph speed zone. If they could hear what I was thinking, I am sure they would wonder what kind of Christian I am.
There are times I grumble about how God should be doing something this way or another way. For example, I like things done now and I don’t like to wait. I like to have the temperatures at or around 70 degrees or cooler. But then I think others would grumble about that too :). Then all the sudden God gets my attention. Even though that can be difficult to do as well. I don’t listen to well, as some have figured out. I was thinking about some of the stupid things I grumble about though. My list is way too long so I won’t go into that right now.
What got me on this topic are the missionaries this past week. Many of these people endure great hardships. They eat yucky food. They meet in huts or on dirt floors, with no air conditioning or heating. They risk their lives to go to church and worship God and most of the time it is in hiding, or they would loose their lives all together. Many of these people have just what they need to survive and that is very modest at that.
So, I am going to try to stop grumbling so much if the music isn’t fast enough or if someone cuts me off or goes to slow. At least I have a car that is being driven on a real road and not having to dig out of waist high mud.
Thanks to all of those that risk their lives to spread the message to those that wouldn’t get a chance to hear about Gods plan of Salvation.
One other thought came to mind, it isn’t about grumbling. But it is about our responsibility as Christians to let those around us know about Christ. Gene Jordan made a good point when he was talking about his family. Gene was adopted by missionaries stationed in Ecuador when he was an infant and never really knew his real family. Years later he found them and connected with them. He said that they go into these countries to share the good news about Jesus Christ and yet his very own birth family that lives here in the United States is unsaved. They live near churches, but none of them have heard the good news. I feel it is also our responsibility to tell our friends and neighbors about Jesus Christ. We are all missionaries for Christ.


Rachael said...

Love your thoughts. And yes - you are more than welcome to use my landscape shots for whatever you might need.

Have a good weekend.

Sandie said...

Thank you very much and i loved your blog. I was just posting my thoughts on blogs and yours was the one I was talking about without mentioning names or anything. Have a great day and God Bless.

JenJen said...

Sometimes grumbling can be a good and a bad thing. Too much can be bad but you are nowhere near bad lady. When someone grumbles it may mean that something else is on thier mind and it is bothering them too much and the find fault in something else. That is when someone needs to sit down with them and talk. That is where my sweet dear loving 63angel comes in. You are a great person and I miss you. You are so busy that it is hard to see you, but i know that we will see you soon.
Love you

Sandie said...

Hey Jen, thanks fo ryour sweet comment. I think we deffinantly need to have a veg fest and sit down and visit. We havent gotten to do that in some time. With all the things this summmer, mom, my dr stuff and the expo coming up.. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. But things will calm down soon. Hugs to ya