Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy is as Crazy Does...

Life can either be very slow or way out of control... Which is better. Right now I think a bit of both. I have been extremly bored lately. Since my Drs have said I can't go back to work yet and my work won't let me go back with out a note... What is a person to do?

Well, I found a way to pre occupy myself a bit. I am working on making Christmas Gift Baskets to bring in some extra money for this Christmas and to help make up for some of the money I'm not getting in. I am also in the process of getting the Community Services Expo done. It will be on October 18th from 11am-4pm. It will be alot of fun. It is a nice time to let everyone know what non-profits are here in Southern Utah. It is free for everyone. There are some things that cost... But all in all it is pretty resonable. As President of the Expo, I just walk around and make sure everyone is doing good and make sure there is no major issues. I also try to dodge the camera when the newspaper and TV station come around. I don't like my picture taken. So I like to stay clear, lol. But for a good cause, I might let them take 1 picture, if I can have them make me look 120 pounds, lol.

Other then that, my life is all about Drs, Drs. and did I say Drs. I am trying to get my daughter Jessica some business for her home business in North Carolina as well. She is a Mary Kay Consultant. And where she lives it is hard for her to meet people. So if anyone that lives in North Carolina or in the Charlotte, Mooresville, Statesville area, let me know. She is in Licolnton County and will drive to where she has to. But she would be very grateful. She is doing this so she can stay home with her son, my grandson...

Other then that, I am trying to stay out of the hospital and keep busy within reason... So I will see what comes of all of this, lol

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