Friday, October 3, 2008

Interesting Blogs

Every now and then, I will click on the little button at the top of the blogspot page and look at the next blog and continue on. What is interesting is how vast people are and thier interests. There are some that are a bit odd for my own good. But interesting all the same. I love to look at the ones that show families and the love parents have for thier children. Then I think about what it would be like in a perfect world where everyone loved one another. Could you imagine if we raised our children as God intended us to do. We should show them love and teach them. We are responsible for what they learn and to discipline them. Wow, how awesome would that be to see these children grow up and teach thier children the same values and principles.

When I turn on the news and see how much things are going in our world. When I see parents like Casey Anthony and when a girl from our state that got kidnapped years ago and was returned home safe. So many sick and demented minds. But I wonder if they were shown the love when they were younger, and disciplined... what would they be like. God told us that these things would happen. But it is horrible to watch it. The only good thing is knowing there will be an end to the way things are now and that God is in control.

It is sad too when I go to some of the blogs and see how sad people are. How much they are hurting and lost. How they are abusing themselves and others. And how they see life as hopeless. I pray for all those that are hurthing and need to know what true peace and love is.

As I said, I love to see the blogs where God and family comes first and where you can see through the eyes of the children and parents the love they have for one another. I wanted to share some of my observations with you... Not sure who is reading... Next time you have some time, check out some of these blogs, comment and maybe you might be touched in some way...


JenJen said...

It is sad. Whenever you get a chance go check out my blog. I put a picture of baby in Jess' outfit on it.

Love you!

Sandie said...

Hey Jen, I will send jessica over there to see the outfit. It is so cute on her. I will pop over to your page. Jessica is having issues with her computer right now. So i have been checking her things for her. LOL, and even got ahold of her myspace. Wait till she sees what I posted over there.