Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Honor of Mickey aka Big Dog

I got one of the saddest calls this morning at 7:10 am. Jessica called me from North Carolina and told me that someone hit Mickey her boxer dog and nobody even let them know that Mickey was hit. Micky made it to the yard and he died there.

When Mickey was born, he was born outside in a dirt hole. Jessica and I knew Brandie was about to give birth and she was gone awhile. Mickey was found and Brandie brought in for us to help her. But Mickey has dirt in his mouth and eyes and ears. We cleaned him up and thats when Jessica chose him out above all the rest. She and Jason lived where they couldn't take him at the moment, so he lived with us till she could. Jessica and I took Mickey and Maverick to doggie training. Mickey passed and Maverick failed... Wow, those times are but a memory. But it is hard to imagine Mickey gone and even harder I am sure for Jessica to realize it.

If you knew Mickey, you knew he didn't have a mean bone in his body. He was scared of shadows and noises. He did get in the garbage. But he had so much love for everyone. Jessica even tought him how to pick pocket out of Jasons pants. He knew there was a treat in it for him. Mickey was an awesome dog and sweet. He would talk to you and give you lovins. I feel so bad for Jessica and Jason.

JJ has only known him for a year... But JJ loved to chase Mickey around with his walker. Mickey would run and JJ would sqeel in joy. Mickey would be greatly missed by anyone who knew him. His personality just bounced. My heart is broken because Mickey is also my Brandies son. I had a special part in my heart for Mickey. I couldn't help but cry about the loss of Mickey. I didn't on the phone with Jessica, but when I got off, it was a solemn moment in time. It just won't be the same when I go see Jessica.

It angers me though, that someone would hit a family pet... And not come to the door to let them know that he was hit... How sad is that. But then maybe they didn't know. But how can you miss a big boxer. The strange thing is that Mickey never went into the road. Something had to have caught his attention to get him there. He is so well trained that he stays right close to home. There are alot of people on Jessica's road that drives way top fast and aren't paying attention. Mickey was born on September 4th, 2001. He was the first born of my Maverick and Brandie... So todays post is dedicated to Mickey Dog or as he was also called Big Dog...

I am soooooooooooo sorry Jessica... I wish I was there and help you through this. I know how I felt when Brandie died and went to doggie heaven... It just isn't fair.

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JenJen said...

I am so Sorry Jess. I know you loved Mickey with all your heart. He was a sweet loving dog and I am going to miss him. Love you all.