Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sign Stealing-Killing Bears- Give Me A Break

What in the world are people thinking. In this election people are going nuts. I am all for a good debate. But when it comes to stealing other peoples property, shooting bears and hanging signs around the next that belongs to the Obama team. It isn't just Obama, but McCain as well. That is just sick and wrong.

I can't wait for this election to get over. I live in a primarily Republican State. I am what I would consider more of an Independent but voting Democrat. I don't vote for the party. I vote for the person. This year has gone completely nuts. Tonight when I heard about the bear cub being shot in North Carolina. That is horrible that someone would do such a thing. What did that little cub do to anyone. I wonder if it was more racists geared then anything.

Everyone has their own reason for voting for the person they are voting for. I don't think someone should go and intimidate or belittle someone because they don't vote the way the majority does. This is a free country, we from what the constitution says have rights. Even though there are times I really wonder what we have or don't have. I think they lead us to believe we have more rights and choices, and then we get a rude wake up call. But we aren't a third world country. We are America for heavens sake.

In our local news, we have had many things about people stealing signs, writing horrible things on them and being extremely racist. I am sure this happens all over. What gets me, this is a very religious area that claims to follow Jesus... I don't think I would see Jesus out there doing the kind of garbage some of these idiots are doing.

I say, vote for who you feel is right and who you think would lead this country into the right direction. Don't let someone bully you or push you. This is ridiculous and low.

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