Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Motivates Us?

Ok... I will be the first one to raise my hand in the air and maybe in wave it when asked was I motivated to do something because I wanted something out of it. Or I wanted to benefit in some way... I think that is something that if we are honest about ourselves, we all have done... We look out for numero uno...

But tonight I was studying for m a Bible Study I am doing. It is in the Book of Ephesians. Its pretty indepth and alot of it I haven't grasped. Well, I probably do a good part. But I got to one part and it was Eph 1: 13-14 and was talking about our reward in Heaven and how we are children of God.

What came to my mind though is how people are motivated if they know there is a reward in it for them. I posted on Cafemoms about an experience with my daughter and how someone she knows got baptized just because he knew she wouldn't date someone who isn't a Christian. But he obviously didn't get baptized because of his faith in Christ... He was motivated by his own desires or feelings. Which I won't go into that at all. She has an awesome husband, so God took care of that matter.

But what about some people who get to know people because they have alot of money or power. Do they get close to them because they think they are gonna get something out of the relationship/friendship/partnership, or are they sincerley wanting to get to know that person. Are they hanging out with someone that they never did before because they have something they want? I was thinking about this lately when my brother in law Craig and I were talking about how it is terrible how when people die, then family or others will fight over what is left when they die. They don't think about how much they will miss that person, but what they get... Forutunalty, we don't have to worry about that when it comes to my mother in law, she didn't have anything. Besides we would all rather have her then any amount of money. And I feel that way about anyone I am close too. Although there are a few people, in the back of my mind I wouldn't mind if they feel off the side of the earth. But that is for another blog and another time in space, lol.

I often have to check myself and see what my motivations are. Is it motivated by human desire and greed or is it motivated by love and kindness. I would hope I would be motivated by love and kindness...But there are times the human side tries to win out and I need to slap it down and keep it in check.

Ok. I will stop thinking out loud now or stop typing out loud,lol. You all have a good night and sleep well. I have a early day and dang blasted it, I am still on here doing things for the Community Expo and thinking about moitvations...

Oh... On a topic that is unrelated... I am thinking about cutting my hair... Not sure how or what style.. But pondering the thought :)

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