Sunday, October 19, 2008

With the Expo Over- Now onto New Business

Ok, now with the Expo over, I need to get going on new Sandie Adventrues. My family is like UH OHHHH what does that mean for us? lol... And since I am still on medical leave right now. Man,I wish my Drs would sign my release for once and for all. I will find that out on the 22nd. Cross your fingers and toes on that one...

But my new adventures are Christmas Baskets. I will be starting to complile them this week and next. They will range anywhere from 13.99 on up. It will all depends on what is in the baskets and special orders can be made. But it will be something that keeps me busy. Part of the proceeds will go to Craig and Allison Fowler in Ethipia.. Even not feeling good, I am not good at just sitting and doing nothing. Even though today, that is all I have been doing... I am just so tired and been running a temeprature for a few days. But other then that, life is good.

But you can go check out my site for the baskets at , You can also click on the link at the bottom of this blog and it will take you to my Christmas Baskets Page

By The Way, It is nice to have Christy and Mike as new subscribers to my blog.... Check out her page at


JenJen said...

I bet you are happy to have the expo over with. We are home safe and sound at 9 pm sunday night. I will call you later and check on you!

Sandie said...

Yeah... I am happy it is over. It is alot of work, but worth it. I will be home.. Call me when ever you want :) I hope you had a good time.