Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boy Do I Feel Old :(

My daughter Rebechia(Rebecca) just celebrated her 27th birthday. I haven't given her anything for her birthday for about 5 yrs now.. Well maybe 4. The reason why is because my husband and Beckiah decided it would be fun to put my picture in the newspaper for my birthday. Ok, that wasn't cool at all. The only good thing was they didn't put my age... But they both knew I would be mad, or otherwise I would have been ok, well somewhat ok with it had it been for nice reasons. And most everyone would say, "But it is a nice picture". And I say HOGWASH... But now on to other things and new beginnings.

I was listening to a song a few weeks ago about forgiveness and in the middle of a Bible Study right now on Ephesians. And the place I am at right now talks about how if we want Jesus to forgive us, then we need to forgive others as we want too. You know! Forgiveness is a hard thing to do. I have done many wrong things and made terrible decisions in my life. I want to be Christ like. I stumble along the way and pray that God is there to pick me up in the midst of my storms and the storms of those around us.

We hear all the time, how forgiving is hard, but forgetting impossible. I think that is very true. I know for myself, I have a harder time forgetting something then forgivining. But then I wonder at the same time if I truely forgave if I am still holding onto it. I think that is something I need to work on and pray on.

But back to Beckiah. I decided to put the past behind me and go forward. Yeah, sometimes I can do that. I took her out to eat at Samari 21. I'm not sure I spelled that right, you know what I mean. I also got her a box of chocolates and a cute card. Atleast I thought it was cute. I am glad I took her out to someplace nice. It has been a long time since just she and I went out. Her life is really busy with three boys and a husband and a job. So when you can get a chance to go, we should take the opportunity. We had a nice time though and I think that Beckiah enjoyed herself. Boy oh boy do I feel old when I think of the fact that she is 27. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,pull my hair out and run down the road kicking and screaming over that one,lol.

I hope you had a good birthday Beckiah and I love you...

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