Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Closing Program For Community Services Expo

OH... on a not good thing. Yesterday I came home... Water was spraying out all over the place in the back and my kitchen was wet and ughhhhhhhh. But Chuck was gone and wouldn't it be just my luck that is when the hot water pipe bursts. But after having to move my cabinet outside by the water heater, and getting all drenched and sprayed with hot water, I got it turned off. The bad things is that now I have no hot water till our landlord gets here. He will be fixing it in the morning, thankfully. But what can ya do. So I am hoping that it gets fixed since I hate cold showers.

Tonight we had the final meeting for the Community Services Expo. It was a nice evening with a power point presentaion and presentaion of checks and awards to both sponsors and participants. We said good bye to two of our board members. They will be missed for sure. But I know that God will put others into our lives that will work well with the board and the community. I know of one person for sure, :).

It is always nice when we get a couple months off and we won't meet again until 2009. We will get a breather this way and then back to the ole grindstone.... Not a hard grindstone though. We will have fun and the people are great to work with.

Have a very nice night and God Bless.


JenJen said...

it was a great program what i got to see of it. I got those certificates handed out.

Sandie said...

I know you will be a great asset to the board. Your awesome and I know they will all grow to love you as I do... :)