Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Ready to Go to Az

I feel bad for Chuck, well kinda,lol. We had our water heater blow its cork and we had water in the carpeting. What is a pain is that it stunk too. So we had to rent a steam cleaner to get it all out. Then after that, I told Chuck since we already rented it, we might as well clean the other carpets. Hummm, let me tell you that Chuck gave me a goofy look on that one. So here he is cleaning the carpets, moving the furniture around and trying to appease me, lol. I do appreciate getting it done. But now that it is done.

I have a nice clean area for my Christmas Tree when I get back from Az after Thanksgiving.Yeahhh, I love to decorate for Christmas. So guess what we will be doing? But I won't say that too loud. Chuck doesn't like to decorate that much, lol. So I will break it to him gently, or I will have my brother in law Craig come over and help. Chuck will be home for Thanksgiving. I guess he is going to go to his friend Glenns house. He will enjoy that I am sure.

I am going to go to a little hole in the world called Elfrida Az, it is about 90 minutes from Tucson. My parents live there and my nieces brothers. They will all be coming over to my mom and dads house. I am sure it will be nice to have everyone together. It has been a long time since that has happened. Although it isnt all of us. My sisters Joyce and Denise won't be there. It would be nice if they were there. But Bren will be there and my brother Dennis will be there on Friday sometime. My nephew Brandon may come here to visit. That will be cool.

But other then that, nothing more is going on with my day. Now it is time to just sit and do nothing and make sure things are going to be done before I leave for 4 days. Oh, one other thing, I will be bringing a foster dog back with me. Her name is Bonnie and she looks sweet for sure.


JenJen said...

have a safe trip please. but before you leave can we borrow the walker back for thanksgiving so Zuriah has a place to play and eat. Love you.

Sandie said...

I would be more than happy to give it back to you. I am glad that you reminded me about it,. I am just a procrastinator.