Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids Club Today... Oreo Turkeys

Today at work, I did Kids Club. It was fun, we had alot of kids and that made it fun. I have alot of cute pictures.

The way you do them is by opening up a Mint Orea Cookie and leave the middle for the bottom part. We found it was easier to put frosting on the bottom of the double stuff cookie before standing it upright on top of the mint cookie.
Then you take a malted ball (whopper) for the face. Use white frosting for the eyes, and chocolate frosting for the pupil of the eye. After you do that, take a candy corn and take off the white tip to it and use it for the nose. They you use 5 candy corns to make the tail feathers. And whala, there you go, a Oreo Turkey. But it is a fun activity if you have kids for Thanksgiving. And with the kids being home for a couple extra days, this will be fun for you.

Bridgette and her friend Lyndsey helped with the acitivity today. It was nice. They were very much needed. So I want to thank them for helping. We had around 75 kids. So that was alot compared to how many showed up...

But we made Edible Oreo Turkeys. They turned out so cute.... I am gonna add more to this post, but wanted to share some of the pics that are of kids of a friend of mine.

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JenJen said...

those kids are so cute. thanks for the pics of them. scotti had fun and was happy to be there.