Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is the World Coming Too?

Ok, now this is not a good thing at all. And just unfair by all standards.... Are you wondering what I am talking about. Well, here is the bad news... Steve Nash was suspended for helping a teamate.

“Steve was running over to protect a teammate and he was shoved to the ground. How is that a suspension? And if it is, how is what McGrady did not a suspension?

I wonder if the NBA has something against the Suns. If we all remember there was that Ref that was betting on the teams to win and would make bad calls. Could this be another one of those moments in time? Hummm, makes me wonder... Ughhhhhhhh, stupid Houston.

I tell you.... There is something about these Texas teams that is just bad news. First San Antonio breaking Steve Nashes nose and playing dirty, now there is the Houston Rockets... I say we all need to band together and get them out of the NBA.

Shaq did a good job on winning against Sacramento... Which I am surprised but happy that he came through when the team needed him most....

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