Monday, December 8, 2008

Its been a couple days

I haven't come on here for a couple of days. But here I am, in full color, lol. Well, not really color, but I am here.

Most of the weekend Chuck and I did quiet things. Every now and then that is a good thing. We were driving on the Blvd and noticed a sale at Aarons Rent to Own, and we bought us a TV. It is a rental return, but we got it for a killer deal. It is a 70" HDTV and has all kinds of bells and whistles. One little draw back though is the size. It is way big and takes up most of my wall that our old big screen was on. It is taller then I am too. Not sure why it is good to have this much TV. But like I said, it was a good deal. Our other one went out on us, so Chuck and I decided to go for this since it was on clearance. So it is a gift for both of us for Christmas. Although I think it is more for him, then me, lol.

Other then that, this weekend we had Beckiah, Jason and the boys over for a belated Thanksgiving dinner. We didn't have Turkey. I guess I was just thinking that Christmas is around the corner, so why mess with it. But it was nice getting together with everyone. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend.

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