Friday, December 5, 2008

Why do people go into debt for Christmas

I was just reading an article about Christmas. I don't understand why people feel they must spend money they don't have for Christmas gifts. My own views are that it isn't about the gifts, it is about worshipping God and being thankful that Christ was born and that He died for us.

There were many times when my kids were growing up that we didn't really have the money for presents. We found a way to get a few. But we didn't go into debt buying things that they never looked at the label on who gave it to them. I am sure you all have kids like that or have done that yourself. You were so excited to see what was inside, it didn't matter who gave it to you. After you unwrapped the present, you would toss it aside and go to the next one. It would aggrevate me so much when they would do that and i see others doing that.

I have come to realize over the years that what is important is sharing the gift of Christ with others and spending time with your kids. That is something they won't toss aside. They will cherish that time you spent on them. Time is so much more then any material item can possible be and yet it cost nothing. You won't go into debt over it. You will also be rewarded when you do this. You will feel so much better. And isn't that something we all should do? We should be with one another and put aside those things that don't matter. We should love the Lord with all our hearts and love the special gifts we are given everyday. Those gifts are our families and those that God put in our lives. I am sure I will be writing more on this topic as Christmas comes closer.

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