Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Families and Bonding

What would constitute a healthy family? I have thought about this alot... When growing up, things were a bit different then what alot would think was normal. Families normally want what is best for each other and want to see the others succeed. But what about those families that don't? What about those families that do what they think they have to do to get ahead. Even if it means hurting your own children/parents, sisters or whomever.

I can't go into specifics, and this isn't really about me... But it is about a family that is willing to hurt their own child, even if that means they live on the street, no job and is miserable. Even when this child goes out of his/her way to help the parents. The parents take and take and when it is time to say, "Hey, I appreciate you and your help", instead they slam the door in the face of the child.

I would like to say a pray for this child. I pray that this child, which is a grown adult now finds peace and love. I pray that this child knows that there are people out there that love this child. I pray that this child knows that life doesn't have to be this way. I pray that this child finds the direction that he/she needs to be going and what Gods purpose is for his/her life. I pray that God touches this child's life and works through him/her. In Christ I pray, Amen

I can't mention names in here, but I know this child knows what I am talking about. I want this person to know that I love him/her with all my heart and even though parents and people let us down and that God never would let us down like that and that He loves us. You need to do what is right in your life and be happy. You deserve happiness just as much as anyone else. And I am particularly wanting happiness for you because you are loved by me and so many. Don't get caught in the stuff around you... You are worth every ounce of love and you deserve it.

Love you and I will call you...

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