Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Watched American Idol in Kentucky

I just don't get it when people try out for American Idol and they think they can sing. You would think someone would be honest with them to save them from being embarrassed.

There was one girl that stood out to me tonight and that was Latisha, I think that was her name. But she is 18 and she sang and wrote her own song. It was cute and she had a cuteness about her. I am ready for Hollywood Week to begin. I think it starts in a couple weeks. I hope atleast. I'm ready for things to move on.

The weirdest moment for me was the guy that is this brainy guy that was thirsty and he went over and drank out of Paula's drink, what is up with that?

Last nights show was pretty OK. There wasn't anyone that stood out to me.

Last nights weirdest moment was that girl that laughed like a hyena. Oh my goodness. Not sure why they passed her through. I guess they have to let some through that isn't that talented so it makes for good entertainment.

I was telling my niece Bridgette that I should try out for American Idol. She was mean and so was Jessica. They don't think I can sing very good. lol. But I will let you in on a secret... I am a horrible singer. I didn't use to be, but when I first came down with Guillian Barre Syndrome that all changed. Although I try to convince Jessica it was her fault, lol. I told her when she was born, my voice changed. lol. But that isn't true. Although my patience went out the door a bit... Well alot of a bit I guess.

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