Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fireproof The Movie

I bought my copy of Fireproof with Kirk Cameron. It was such a good movie. Its one of those movies that has a good strong message to it.

Basically its about a couple that has been married for 7 yrs. He is a firefighter that is willing to save the life of those in a burning building and those that need rescued. But he has lost track of loving his wife and taking care of her needs. This movie is a must see if you are married and if you are planning on it. It's a wonderful love story, but more then that.

Fireproof DVD In Stores Today!

The DVD for the movie FIREPROOF (starring Kirk Cameron, from the makers of Facing the Giants) is in stores as of today! The band is a big supporter of the film and the song "Slow Fade" appears in the movie and the music video is a bonus feature on the DVD (version sold in Christian bookstores only, not mainstream stores like WalMart, Target, etc.).


JenJen said...

It was a good movie. we rented it and I thought it was sad yet cute and funny at the same time. It is very true and as the guy Micheal says "We all need counseling!"

Sandie said...

I think you are right. I feel we can all learn from counseling in some form. I could have let you borrow mine.