Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take a Look at the Newest Blog

I started another blog. It is for the purpose of restaurant reviews for Southern Utah. I want to invite you all to follow the blog and input your information.

The link is Sandie's Restaurant Reviews

The Description of the blog is:

We go out to eat alot and people ask all the time" How Did You Like The Food?" Or "How Was The Service?" So I decided to start a blog about the places I go and what I thought of the food. I am not a professional. But going out is something we do quite often. This is only one persons views... If you have a worse or better experience. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us... Comments are welcome.


JenJen said...

Go to Ernoestos, Rise and Dine and the wagon Wheel in Leeds.

Sandie said...

I like the Wagon Wheel too. Maybe I will go there sometime to do that. Or you and I can go out to lunch. Maybe when Jessica gets here. We can have a nice lunch.