Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seeing things two different ways...

I just read a book about this guy who obviously has alot of mental issues. It is a self written book. Usually I don't read documentaries. But a friend of mine told me to read this to see what I thought. I 'm not even going to mention the name of the book on here because it is just sick and wrong and I don't want people reading complete garbage. Every now and then I will read a book about something out of the ordinary and I like to read about how the mind works.

What I found interesting and sad is to think we all have known someone like this. And how everything is everyone else's fault. He refers to people at being off upstairs and such. But in reading his words it would remind me of something a narcissistic person would write. Now granted it is about the author and his life. I just don't get how one person can remember it one way and many others remember it another way. Maybe that is how we all are in some way because we see things from our perspective, but can't see or understand how a mind works in another person.

It is obvious from this book that he problems and not all the people that he is blaming for his problem/problems. It reminds me of something that Jeffrey Dalmer would write. In his mind he see's things one way, but the reality is far from that. I wonder if one day this person is going to do something stupid and then this book is gonna bite him in the hinney.

I do feel sorry for people like this though. That they live in such a delusional world, they can't see what is real and that they can be great people if they seek help in some way.

I think I will stick to books like the Left Behind Series, lol. Atleast with that, you know what is going to happen and we know or I know that Christ is coming again.

I pray for people who feel they have to live with mental illness and not get help or can't see they have issues. There is nothing wrong with having a mental illness. But there is if you aren't willing to seek help for it. I don't know the author of this book and he will probably never read what I wrote. But I hope someone close to him lets him know that he needs help before its too late.

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