Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Saving For Your Child's Education

So I check out a lot of different websites and blogs on saving money one website that I have recently found was http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/ on the site it will show you how to shop on $40 a week and different meal plans.
Another thing that I have just started doing is I signed up my little one for Upromise (http://www.upromise.com/) this is a great way for parents (and grandparents) to save money for your child's education without any extra money out of your pocket. You can link your grocery, drug store or debit/credit card to your account and certain companies will donate a portion of what you spend to an account for your child's education. Some of the companies are McDonald's, Lumber Liquidators, Liberty Mutual and several others. You can have several people on your account to help with the college fund for example my mom has linked her cards to JJ's account. This service is free and why not let the companies you buy from help save money for college for your child or grandchild when it is something you are going to buy anyways?
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Sandie said...

Yeah, it was pretty simple to sign up for it and since I didn't have to pay more to help out, I figured why not help someone out and who better then my grandson.

Christy said...
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Christy said...

That hillbilly site is great! Even if for the recipes! Thanks

Sandie said...

Yeah, it is a pretty cool site. Jessica is actually the one who posted that. She is going to be posting information on how to save money and places that are geared towards families and such. Anything that helps is a good thing. You should check out that one side that is for helping send kids to college. Its pretty cool. You can use if your your daughter or someone else's child.