Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

OK, Jessica, Beckiah and Bridgette and anyone else out there. I was thinking. I know you are going to say " OK, Whats New? And What is She Up Too"?lol. Well, I had an Epiphany. Jessica, yeah, you Jessica, will be coming down here in February. Not sure on the day. But she is really wanting to loose some weight. And I know I can afford to loose a bit too. I am sure that Bridgette and Beckiah can too. No, not calling you fat. Just a few pounds atleast.

But this is my thought and it would be awesome to get others involved to get healthier and have fun. I think we should do a walking group, and Curves for women offers a free 30 day membership to try them out. So I think we should do this and jump start loosing some weight. And this way too, nobody will be doing it alone. But it would be awesome to get a number of people involved for 30 days and then we can see what kind of results we see. So ladies, what do you think?

so give me your thoughts... and those with baby's and kids, we can take strollers. Kids love to go for walks too.


JenJen said...

OK sounds good to me. I will try it.

Sandie said...

Sounds good to me, I think it will be a good thing to do. Lets get Jessica on board :) We can be the non three musketeers, lol. Because, you see, those are guys,we can't be that. We can be the three misskerteers. lol